Top RTA Atomizers for big clouds in 2019

Is vaping something that you enjoy doing? It has taken the world by storm and now many people can’t imagine their life without these electronic cigarettes. The traditional way of smoking has been basically reinvented to provide more safety for the user and offer a full experience at the same time. We will describe the main features of the best RTA models created by various manufacturers. In this article, we will identify their advantages and will see how well they fare against other similar models.

1. What does Blitzen RTA tank represent?

Blitzen RTA vape tank
Blitzen RTA

This productive tank produced by GeekVape. Its dimensions make the specified atomizer practical because this 24-millimeter device is easy to install practically on any modern box mod. The exterior part is complemented with a concise engraving, bearing the name of the RTA series. At the base of the Blitzen atomizer can be found decorative recesses, which also facilitate the maintenance of the device. The standard tank volume is 2 ml, but the developers from GeekVape put extra convex glasses in the kit to increase the capacity to 5 ml.

Inside the Blitzen atomizer can be found an 18-millimeter base with a build deck, which opens new possibilities. Here you can easily install one or two coils, which will receive a direct and fairly intense airflow, adjustable by means of a rotating ring with special notches. There are about 16 side holes for air intake. Such a system provides a large amount of steam, and Blitzen also excels at enhancing the taste properties of the e-juice.

Blitzen RTA pros:

  • High-quality materials;
  • The possible installation of 2 coils;
  • The possibility to enhance tank capacity from 2 ml to 5 ml;
  • Provides a rich taste.

Blitzen RTA cons:

– No obvious drawbacks have been noticed.

2. Crius 2 RTA Dual Coil and its main characteristics

Crius 2 RTA
Crius 2 RTA

This model can boast with an implemented connector of type 510 with a gold-plated pin. The volume of the tank, of course, is not very large, considering the possibility of using two coils. It is only 4 ml. The refueling system also didn’t improve. The design features remained the same as in the previous model: the top cap just moves up and liquid is poured into the opened slot.


  • Build quality;
  • The design looks good;
  • Additional Contents of delivery (spare glass, coils, wadding);
  • Great taste;
  • Convenient and easy installation of coils;


  • Permanent drips under the refueling cap and between the tank and the base;
  • Only the 510 drip tip;
  • Its price.

3. Zeus Dual RTA

Zeus Dual RTA

Zeus Dual RTA

Zeus atomizer of second-generation practically does not differ in appearance from its predecessor.

A key feature of the Zeus Dual RTA is its deck, where you can install one or two coils (in the previous version of the atomizer, this option was missing). This vaping product also received an innovative air-flow regulation system. The air intake holes were placed in the area of the top cap, but you can still control the taste transfer with the help of a rotating ring.


  • High-quality materials;
  • Build quality;
  • It is easy to fill it with e-juice;
  • Top-airflow;
  • No tank leakage;

Blitzen RTA cons:

  • No obvious drawbacks have been noticed.

4. Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA

Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA
Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA

This is the newest atomizer created by Asmodus. The tank is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a rotating-sliding mechanism for quick access to the filling hole. Unlike other models of the same manufacturer, the device was equipped with a wide 810-m drip tip from delrin.

The next pleasant moment is that there is no plastic cover with a strange and unneeded screw-thread. Now we have a tiltable sliding cover, which will provide quick access to the filling opening, and it will certainly last much longer than that of its predecessor.


  • There is enough room for setting up the wadding;
  • Better design than that of its predecessor.


  • The holes for the air-flow look incredibly huge.

5. Creed RTA

Creed RTA
Creed RTA

The tank is made of stainless steel and shares a standard design with other modern atomizers. The volume of the glass bulb is 6.5 ml. Also, there is an additional standard glass chamber of 4.5 ml in the package.

The main feature of Creed RTA lies under the cap of the evaporation chamber, which has double walls. This solution was implemented here for a reason because this way the manufacturer managed to implement three options for blowing coils.


  • The atomizer is made of quality materials and is build well;
  • There is the possibility of enhancing its volume from 4.5 ml to 6.5 ml;
  • The possibility of taking off the top part of the atomizer and switching the coils and wadding without having to pour out the e-juice;
  • It provides a great taste.


– It is not really comfortable to take unscrew the top cap because it is thin and it is difficult to get a hold of it. After a while, this process becomes less problematic.

6. Vandy Vape Kensei 24 RTA

Vandy Vape Kensei 24 RTA
Vandy Vape Kensei 24 RTA

This atomizer is provided in five colors. Those who love bright colors are able to choose different colors to that of black and silver. You can find rainbow, blue or gold;

Refueling is standard like for most modern tank atomizers. The liquid supply is blocked by turning the glass chamber relative to the base. The top cap is unscrewed and the liquid is poured.


  • A simple and efficient design;
  • Useful spare parts;
  • A relatively low cost;
  • The possibility to increase its volume capacity;
  • Interesting design for the air-flow.


– No obvious drawbacks have been noticed.

7. Horizon Falcon King

Horizon Falcon King mod
Horizon Falcon King

This atomizer was performed in ten different variations. They differ not only in the colors of the steel case but also in the unique color combinations on the drip tips. The top cap is provided with a sliding cover, lockable with a button. A platform with a silicone insert and a filling hole was placed under it. At the base, they fixed a wide ring with air intake slots.


  • Quality of materials;
  • Great flavor;
  • Original mesh coils;
  • An incredibly large capacity of 6 ml;
  • Leaking prevention due to a shortened chimney
  • A very comfortable top fill system;
  • Triple airflow slot;
  • A large variety of color schemes.


  • None have been spotted so far.

In order to get a better picture regarding the possibilities of each RTA atomizer, it is necessary to conduct a comparison between models of the same type.

Comparison of some of the best RTA atomizers

Blitzen RTACrius 2 RTA Dual CoilZeus Dual RTAAsmodus Voluna V2 RTACreed RTAVandy Vape Kensei 24 RTAHorizon Falcon King
Drip Tips510, 810510510, 810510, 810510510, 810510
MaterialSteel, Delrin plastic, Pyrex glassStainless steel and borosilicate glassStainless steel Stainless steel,Pyrex Glass
Stainless steelStainless steelStainless steel, Pyrex glass
Tank Capacity2/5 ml4 ml4/5.5 ml3.2 ml6,5 ml2/4 mlUp to 6 ml
Number of Coils1/221/21/21/21/21/2
Tank Diameter24 mm25 mm26 mm25 mm25 mm24 mm26.2 mm


Even though most of the presented models get the job done, we have to say that Horizon Falcon King has impressed with its incredible features and perfect design. It has a lot of capacity for your e-juice and its coils are very resistant. You won’t have to bother with coil switches all the time. Creed RTA can also boast with a large glass chamber but its design offers less comfort. Blitzen RTA offers a perfect flavor and many color options. Every product produced by GeekVape has many cons and very few cons.