The list of best mods of 2019

The mechanical mods become increasingly popular among vapers. They are easy to use and are very reliable because they don’t contain electrical components. These devices hold a charge longer, are shock-resistant and all parts of the product are easily replaceable. They can even withstand an underwater journey. At the same time, the power of the mechanical mode can reach tens or even hundreds of watts. The price range of such devices is amazing. The minimum price for a quality product is $25. In turn, the most expensive mechanical mod in the world costs $ 740,000. However, it is worth noting that this electronic cigarette is one of a kind.

Are mech mods made for advanced users or beginners?

It is worth noting that these devices are perfectly suited for experienced vapers. This device has no restrictions regarding resistance and voltage, so if these indicators are assessed incorrectly, the mech mod may simply explode right in the hands of its owner.

It is the preferred option for experienced vapers because they have virtually no restrictions that control the process of evaporation. This allows you to inhale huge clouds of fragrant steam, which is undoubtedly a significant advantage when choosing a vape.

There is also a huge selection of design options for this device. You can use your imagination and make your favorite gadget unique in its own way, without spending a lot of time. A beginner will immediately have a lot of questions when using the mechanical mod for the first time. These will include the amount of wire, its type (nickel or titanium), and how to set it. In addition, you need to properly lay the wire and thread in the wick. For an inexperienced vaper, this will be a huge problem. A beginner should start with the simplest gadget.

Which option is the most expensive in the world?

If we talk about the less accessible meсh mods, one of the most expensive is the Battle Deck SS. This device costs around 400$. It is completely made of silver with titanium racks and comes in an elegant box as if it arrived from the jewelry store. However, all that differentiates it from gadgets that cost between 80 and 160 dollars is the materials from which it is made. In general, this is exactly the same device, with the exact same filling as the mech mod that is not a part of the premium segment.

What is the difference between a cheap and expensive model?

Today, the cost of mods is mainly determined by the material from which they are made. More expensive options, as a rule, are created to stand out from the mass of the rest of these gadgets. They are encrusted with semiprecious and precious stones, and precious metals are used in their production. However, in terms of their features and characteristics, you won’t be able to find any significant differences from their cheaper counterparts.

The only thing that makes cheap mech modes less attractive from premium devices is their common appearance. They are less remarkable, and their kit doesn’t include as many parts as VIP devices do.

How to choose a mod properly?

The most important task for a vaper who decided to use the mech mod is the selection of a suitable device. Every vaper will advise you the option that he’s using, but it is not certain that it will suit your needs. The variety of modifications, additional tools for mods as well as strange terms and slang also does not allow making the right choice. So how can you avoid a mistake with your future acquisition and buy a really useful gadget?

  1. First of all, pay attention to the button on your device. It should come in direct contact with the battery since in the future it will cease to conduct electricity due to the black dots. Eventually, you would have to either clean it or buy a new one. Why buy a similar gadget if there are contactless options?!
  2. Also, an important detail is the presence of the gas outlet, which will protect your mech mod from an explosion in case of excess pressure inside the gadget. Attention should be paid to the material from which the device is made and the presence of additional internal tubes. A mechanical mod made of aluminum or copper is just like a real stove that instantly heats up.

The optimal size for the mech mod is 24 or 25 millimeters. For these gadgets, you will be able to find a lot of accessories that will allow you to customize it. Choosing the best mech mod is a difficult task, but the result will be worth the effort.

The best models of 2018

Every year, hundreds of new models are produced. How can you keep yourself from getting lost in this huge variety of products? We will present a list of the 5 best mech mods of 2018.

1.Rockvape v1.0

Rockvape V 1.0 mod
Rockvape V 1.0

Our list of the best mods of the year starts with Rockvape V 1.0, which has a very original design. One of the main advantages of this mod is its variety of colors. Also, the gadget has excellent technical characteristics, and its only drawback is the difficulty of cleaning the e-cig. Prices for Rockvape start at 100$. The most expensive version of this mod is 180$.

2.Vape Mechanic V5

Vape Mechanic V5 mech mod
Vape Mechanic V5

Next on our list is V5 from Vape Mechanic. The innovative contact system and minimalistic design make this mod the most practical for everyday use. You absolutely do not need to think about cleaning this e-cig; it will absolutely not lose its characteristics. Today, the manufacturer provides 3 color options besides the standard silver, which you should pay attention to since the only disadvantage of this device is its paintwork. The cost of this mod starts at 100$.


Broadside vape mod

This spot is occupied by the Broadside mech mod. A simple design, constant contact, and simplicity in daily use make this device very attractive. You can do without cleaning for a whole month without losing its characteristics. Broadside’s cost is 120$.

4.El Thunder Viva la Cloud

 El Thunder Viva la Cloud mech mod
El Thunder Viva la Cloud

The second place is taken by El Thunder Viva la Cloud mod. The main feature of this device is its compactness. Also due to its ergonomic shape, it is very comfortable to use. The performance of El Thunder is good enough, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The average cost is 110$, which is fairly cheap compared to the rest of the top.

5.Subzero X

Subzero X mech mod

The best vape at the moment is Subzero X. This kit is easy to use and it is also very safe. It has protection against reverse polarity and negative short-circuit, thermal insulation, in case of damage to the battery, and button lock. Also, the manufacturer provides many options for customizing the device. The minimum price of this vape is 180$.

All these models are among the best of this year, so when choosing your option, you should pay attention to the small details that define the perfect gadget for you.